Sauerkraut Delight



Meal Type: salad or side

Number of servings: 10

Delicious, light and full of nutrients with winter ingredients


Crock Pot or Glass Jar, Mandoline



  1. Using your mandoline, slice all ingredients thinly and place in a bowl. Sprinkle with salt over each layers.
  2. Press the ingredients together with you hands to help release the juices.
  3. Place the ingredients in your crock pot or glass jar and press them firmly to the bottom of the jar. Add the rest of the mixture layer by layer pressing them down to release more liquid. Use a plate or other jar that fits nicely in the crock or filled jar to help keep the kraut in its own juices. Add weight on top, or fill top jar with water. You can also use stones. Cover with cheese cloth or light cloth and let it sit for 8-15 days. Check daily if the kraut is still in its own juice. If not, top it off with some salted water. Leave it to ferment on kitchen counter at room temperature. After 7 days, taste the kraut. If it does not taste good, toss it and start again. The kraut will develop its distinctive flavor and odor after 5-6 days.
  4. You can let it ferment longer if wanted. Then transfer in clean jars, close and put in refrigerator.


I use my stone mortar as a weight. The kraut will develop a foam on the surface the first 3-4 days. Then the liquid will start to evaporate. Do not fill all the way to the top since the kraut will release more liquid the first couple of days.

Type: Gluten-free, raw

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